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Guest Blog: Vertical Farming and Urban Agriculture Conference 2014

            Just one week ago, I was lucky enough to attend the first Vertical Farming and Urban Agriculture (VFUA) conference, held at the University on Nottingham (UoN). I met loads of interesting people and saw such a wealth of ideas that my brain is still buzzing with it all! This was a conference that included subjects as diverse as community gardens in Paris, rooftop gardens in Switzerland, vertical farms in Singapore and plant factories in Outer Mongolia. From consideration of how to build an entirely sustainable city, to elucidation of the mechanisms behind leaf tip burning in lettuce under LED lamps – the breadth of interest and information was simply staggering! 

            Initially, we all gathered in the atrium of the building. In this hall were the posters and display stands. As with the conference overall, the breadth of ideas here was amazing, covering everything from posters about a rooftop farm in Thailand (built because of flooding), to modular EFTE panels for building more efficient ‘glasshouses’, to LED grow lamps, home vertical growing kits, education programs in schools and much much more besides.


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Osaka Prefectural University’s opens immense new city farm

Philips Horticulture LED Solutions has announced that GreenClocks New Generation City farm – a new city farm of Osaka Prefectural University Japan using Philips GreenPower LED production modules – has been opened on September 19, 2014.   

GCN City farm has been set up in an effort to promote city farms and to encourage operations on an industrial scale to produce delicious and safe fresh vegetables for consumers. Furthermore, the farm will make a social contribution in the agricultural field by offering a verification model in which corporations, universities and the government are closely involved. GCN City farm is expected to function as a central site that promotes the development and use of ground-breaking technology in factory plants.     

GCN City farm will produce 5,000 stocks of leafy vegetables, such as lettuce, every day. Companies associated with Osaka Prefectural University will soon be able to conduct business trials from production to sale. As the sales firm behind GCN City farm, GreenClocks will start selling the vegetables produced by the farm under the ‘Gakuensai’ brand from early October.     

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Tonight (Thursday) at 7pm in NYC learn about the future of food!

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The Future of Food Part 1: Urban Farming Unwrapped!

Want to learn more about urban agriculture and be involved in the movement in NYC? You simply must come to the first of a series exploring the future of food in NYC on Thursday, September 18, from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at the Wix Lounge 235 West 23rd Street | 8th floor.

You’ve heard the buzz about urban farming. You’ve seen hashtagged photos of beautiful cityscapes behind beds of greens. But what’s the deal? Can you really grow enough food in cities to feed its residents? What are the different type of farms - from backyard gardens to rooftops to indoor hydroponics - that are being created in NYC? What opportunities and challenges are arising as urban farming continues to grow as a movement, locally and globally?


Join Be Social Change and Foodstand at Wix Lounge for our first panel in the Future of Food series as we explore how innovations within urban farming are increasing access to locally grown food, having a positive impact on the environment, and influencing the global food systems at large! Hear from leaders in the urban farming movement discuss new and innovative methods of urban farming and learn how you can you get involved!


Featured Panelists:


Agritecture’s founder Henry Gordon-Smith will be moderating and would love to take your questions for the diverse panelists at this exciting event.